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" Stairwell "

Jun 03 2005 opened to the public
Nov 2016 republished

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This is a plan while planning at that time. Because it is an interesting plan, I introduce it here.

Families are six people. They are requesting a house that is wider and more cheerful than the house now. This demand is natural. All the people want to make it to a house that is better than the house now. But, the site in this house is small.

The design of a new house has changed many times up to now. It is said that the house that I really want cannot be built if it doesn't experience build the house three times in Japan. However, the person with whom the house is built three times is a little. The house is expensive. Therefore, I often say that I will make the plan of the house ten times on the desk.

This design might be how many. I cannot recall it. The customer has said the best
plan up to now.

This plan achieves the area, brightness, and happiness in the house by Stairwell. Stairwell has the function.

[No.1] Stairwell makes space with a high ceiling.
[No.2] Stairwell divides the living room into two.
[No.3] Stairwell connects all the spaces.
[No.4] Stairwell leads the light of the sky.
[No.5] Stairwell makes a fashionable space.

Stairwell becomes a free decoration easily. However, Stairwell of this house is made a wide, cheerful, happy house.

Please see.

(Architectual Memo)
Title : Stairwell
Location : Sakado city Saitama ken Japan
Site area : 123.23 meter square
Total floor space : 123.80 meter square
Cost : 35 million yen
Completion : August 2003 (another plan)
Family make-up : Old couple
Young couple
Two children (university student)

001 002 003 004

This house is completed in August, 2003 by another plan.
I introduce it by "Photo collection" and "Example collection" later.

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