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Hello. This is my profile.

I designed a lot of houses, and the number is 400 houses or more.

I am Japanese and from Japan. I am interested in the foreign country since child's time and I went to the foreign country several times. I was very surprised to experience a culture different from Japan. I was happy at that time, and I recognized again that there are a lot of culture with people in the world. I admit a lot of religions, the cultures, and people who love peace. I want to make a lot of friends all over the world, and to exchange it.

So I want to introduce Japanese culture in this site.

And, I wish the true peace of the world from Japan.

Thank you.

My PC in home. This PC conects for world.


My friend in Poland.

My friends in Poland.

My friend from Russia at Hokkaido Japan.

If you are interested in me, contact to me!

Thank you!