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" Small House 29.25 "

Apr 05 2006 opened to the public
Nov 09 2008 revised
Nov 2016 republished

Main Elevation

The house in Japan is smaller than the house in Europe and America. The price of land in Japan is very high. Therefore, people buy land small, and build the house.

Of course, there is a lot of land cheap and large for suburbs. However, the Japanese wants to live in the city. A lot of people gather in the city, and the market price of land rises, too.

This is a Japanese idea and a culture.

I show such a small Japanese house.

I am waiting for your impression and opinion.

Thank you.

(Architectual Memo)
Title : Small House 29.25
Location : Shinkotoni Kita-ku Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan
Site area : 107.43 meter square
Total floor space : 98.88 meter square
Cost : 20 million yen
Family make-up : Couple only

Small House 29.25
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